Friday, February 24, 2012

Songs play through several slides in PowerPoint


    insert audio into powerpoint
  • I have 11 slides and I want 2 songs to play in them.  I want Song A to be in slides 1-5, Song B in slides 6-11. And if Song A isn't finished playing and I go to slide 6 I want it to stop instead of overlap. What should I do?


In PowerPoint 2010, please follow the steps below:

1. After inserting audio into PowerPoint<记得加链接>, Select the icon for the sound file on your slide.

2.  From the Animations tab, locate the Effect Options button and click the More Arrow below it to Show Additional Effect Options. The Play Audio dialog box will appear.

3.  Ensure the Effect tab is selected, and from the Stop playing section, select After and then use the up and down arrows in the slides field to indicate for how many slides the audio should play.

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