Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to make appropriate use of a company logo in a power point presentation?


  • How do you use a company logo appropriately in a power point presentation?


Here are 2 methods for you to add your company logo on powerpoint presentation.

Method 1: Add Logo on Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Open the slideshow, click View - Slide Master, you will see a editable area on the lower right corner of the top slide in the left slides list, and it is the area we can put logo. Insert your logo image like inserting an image into slide. Of course, you can put your logo anywhere you want just by moving the image. Then, switch to the Normal view, the LOGO you added will be displayed on every slide, including the New Slide.
Method 2: Add LOGO when Converting PowerPoint to Video/DVD/Blu-ray
If you are making a presentation about yourself, your company or the latest products, and want to send it to more people, burning powerpoint to dvd/blu-ray is a good way. It's also a good time to add your company logo.

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