Monday, February 20, 2012

Is there any way to convert the pdf pages back to powerpoint slides?


  • My professor uploads his powerpoint presentations as PDF files for the students to download, and he makes them so each page in the pdf is one slide from the powerpoint. I can't print one slide per page; that's ridiculous. Is there a way to convert the pdf pages back to powerpoint slides and then I can print multiple slides in each paper?
pdf to ppt


There is a PDF to PPT online converter. You can upload your pdf file (smaller than 32M), and leave your email address. After converting, it will send you a download url of the output powerpoint document. You can only convert one document each time.

Besides, there is also a professional PDF to PPT converter. You can batch convert your pdf file to many formats as ppt, pptx, and pptm. It can preserve original layout,images, text, vector drawings of your pdf file. Then, you can print multiple slides on each paper.

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