Friday, February 17, 2012

May I delete a single page from a PDF file


  • Q: How can I delete a single page from a PDF file? I need to delete just a single page from a PDF file where total 5 pages are available.


pdfUsing the latest version Adobe Acrobat X Pro, you can delete pages as you like easily.

Delete pages, using the Delete command
  • Choose Tools > Pages > Delete
  • Enter the page range to be deleted, and click OK.
Note: You can't undo the Delete command or delete all pages, at least one page left.

Delete pages, using page thumbnails
  • In the Page Thumbnails panel, select a page or group of pages.
  • Choose Delete Pages from the Page Thumbnails panel options menu , and click OK.

Hope it is helpful.

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  1. Watch this video tutorial to know how to delete PDF pages from any PDF files here