Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Edit PDF Files?

pdf ASK

  • How do i convert a pdf into compatible text file for editing?
  • From non-editable to editable PDF file?  I have a non-editable PDF file of an image, however I need to be able to edit pdf file. Any tool for me? Thanks in advance. 
  • I'd like to know what I can download so that I can edit pdf documents that I have scanned or receive.
  • Most of the times I received pdf documents from friends. I tried to edit them delete certain part and then paste the others parts to word documents. But just can't to it. Can someone help?
  • Hi there, I have a PDF document which I was sent; however, it is secured, meaning that i am not able to edit anything. Is there anything I can do to remove this? Kind regards, Jamie


PDF can't be edited like doc files. Even if in the latest Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, you can only modify PDF portfolio. So, a third party tool is needed.

The PDF Editor works like a word processor. With search & replace, spell checking, reflow and rejustify, plus the features you would expect from a PDF editor such as object editing, document construction, security and much more.

Hope it is helpful.

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  1. Who say you can't edit PDF just like word. You can create and edit any PDF file just like Microsoft Word with Classic PDF editor.

    If you could not belief, try it free, it is available here