Friday, February 17, 2012

Copy PDF text into Word with keeping original format


  • How can I copy the text in pdf file to word documents with original format? How to keep the format of a pdf screenplay while copy pasting it into word? Ok im trying to edit a screenplay which my professor made available through a pdf online. I want to keep the format of the screenplay when I copy paste it into word. When I try to copy paste it looses its format. I tried using the Button that says keep original formatting, but it only keeps the font the same not the margins and indentations. So if there is anyone who knows how please let me know, becuase it will save me a lot of time, Thanks.
pdf to word


A third party software you need to know, cause we can't do this in Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader.

PDF to Word is a professional converter for batch converting PDF documents to Microsoft Office Word files. It reserves the layout, text, images of the original PDF document amazingly.

Hope it help.

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