Thursday, February 16, 2012

How can I use different backgrounds for each slide in the same slide show?


  • How can I use different backgrounds for the same slide show in a powerpoint presentation? I am trying to make a slideshow on Power Point using different pictures as backgrounds for each slide of my slide show. Does anyone know how this can be done?


Step 1 Open your powerpoint file, click the slide or slides you want to change background style.
set background 1

Step 2 On the Design tab, click Background Styles
  • Right click the background style you want. Then you can Apply to Selected Slides.
  • set background 2

  • Click Background Styles - Format Background.
set background 3
        Under Fill, you can customize your background style.
        1. Customize a solid color background for your presentation
        2. Customize a gradient background for your presentation
        3. Add a texture background
        4. Use a picture as a slide background
        5. Delete or reset slide background

set background 4

More details refer to
How to Use Different Background in the Same PowerPoint Presentation  

Hope this can help you. 

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