Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Play PowerPoint Normally on Different Computers


  • Why Audios and Videos are not able to be played in PowerPoint after changing pc? 
  • I have a powerpoint file that has a lot of music files in it. I opened it using a separate computer, however, and an error message came up that said the file could not be found. I thought that saving all the files onto one flash drive would help, and it did. Until I went onto yet ANOTHER computer, and the error message came up again. Now I tried to make a compressed(zipped) folder, but I'm not sure if that will help. Any suggestions?


Well, the easiest way is convert powerpoint to video, keeping sounds and videos you embedded. This PPT to Video Converter will help you.
ppt to video

Also, you can follow the steps:
1. Copy audio and video files you embedded to the same folder with powerpoint file
2. Change the path of the audio and video files after you moving the powerpoint into a new computer
3. Make sure that the media files are compatible with powerpoint on windows pc. If not, convert them to be.
Here is a list of video formats that powerpoint supports: .swf, .asf, .avi, .mpg or .mpeg, .wmv.
Here is a list of audio formats which powerpoint supports: .aiff, .mid or .midi, .wav, .au, .mp3 and .wma.

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