Sunday, February 12, 2012

How do i save a powerpoint presentation on flash drive so it will play video?



  • How do i save a powerpoint presentation on a flash drive so it will play video? Tried to save my powerpoint presentation (2010) to a flash drive, but it will not play my video. I have windows 7.


Method 1: Inserting Embed Code insteading of inserting video fiels directly.
If you want to insert an online video, for exmaple, a video from, juse use its embed codes under the video. When you play this powerpoint on a flash drive, make sure you can connect with internet.

Method 2: Change path of the video embedded when you play on flash drive.
1. Copy video files you embedded to the same folder with powerpoint file.
2. Change the path of the audio and video files after you moving the powerpoint into a new computer or flash drive.
3. Make sure that the media files are compatible with powerpoint on windows pc. If not, convert them to be. Here is a list of video formats that powerpoint supports: .swf, .asf, .avi, .mpg or .mpeg, .wmv.

Method 3: The easiest way is converting the powerpoint to video, keeping original embedded video.
This PPT to Video Converter will help you.

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