Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to Play SWF on Samsung Galaxy S3


  • How to Play SWF on Samsung Galaxy S3?


Samsung Galaxy S3
This is what we call seeing reality. 4.8 inches of high definition display and vivid viewing experience. With true colors and ultrafast response times, HD video playback is outrageously sharp. It’s also incredibly energy efficient and amazingly thin. Samsung Galaxy S3 is really a great phone for you.

Online flash videos are always embeded as flv videos or swf videos. They can be played smoothly through web browser under the help of Adobe Flash Player. But Adobe Flash Player doesn't work while playing local SWF files or FLV files. And now, you need SWF players for android devices. Andorid Market provides many free or professional SWF players and viewers. After installing one of them, open your SWF files with it.

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