Friday, June 8, 2012

How can I play local swf files on Sony Xperia P


  • How can I play local swf files on Sony Xperia P?


Sony Xperia P
The Xperia P is the mid-range entry in Sony's Xperia NXT series of smartphones announced at MWC earlier this year. The Sony Xperia P is the company's first smartphone to feature WhiteMagic technology. The handset's screen is capable of outglowing almost any smartphone currently on the market, which ensures its excellent outdoor visibility. Other than that we are dealing with a reasonably priced mid-range Android handset with some pretty decent specs. The processor inside it has a couple of cores ticking at 1GHz, an Exmor R camera of 8 mexapixel resides on the unit's back, and a shell made out of anodized aluminum protects the smartphone's internals. We cannot hide that we have high hopes for the Xperia P, so without further ado, let us fire it up and see how it performs.

Sony Xperia P supports Adobe Flash, so you can view swf online without no difficulties. But if you want to play local swf files on it, a swf player for android is needed to be installed.

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