Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to Play DVD on LG ELectronics Viper 4G?


  • How to Play DVD on LG ELectronics Viper 4G?


LG ELectronics Viper 4GThe LG Viper is Sprint’s very first LTE phone. Despite being stuck with 3G speeds, though, the affordable LG Viper packs some high-quality specs for the price. The dual-core processor handled everything I threw at it with ease, the 5-megapixel camera took good pictures, and the addition of Google Wallet is not too shabby. The 4-inch WVGA display’s resolution is somewhat lower than top-tier smartphones at 480-by-800 pixels. If you plan on using the Viper only to browse the Web, check e-mail, and do some casual gaming, the display should be sufficient.

LG ELectronics Viper 4G owns a HDMI output ports. This allows it connect with TV to show on TV. But there isn't any HDMI input. So, we can't play DVD on  LG ELectronics Viper 4G directly, unless you rip dvd to video.
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