Monday, April 30, 2012

What Video Formats Does Asus PadFone Support?


  • Hello, I just got Asus PadFone. I think it's cool. I like the two devices for users to choose freely. but when I uploaded videos from my pc to Asus PadFone, the phone can't play videos normally. So, could you tell me if PadFone supports AVI videos? What formats does it allow?


play video on Asus PadFoneHey, I agree with you. I like its design, too. It looks smart.

I go for a check, I can't find .avi in Asus PadFone video formats list.  

Video Playback :
H.264 1.4a
WMV @ HD 1080p
Video Recording :
H.263 @ HD 1080p
H.264 Video Decode @ 720p Encode @ 1080p

So, I think if you want to play videos in other formats, video format conversion is needed to be done first. You can find many video converters on internet, and this is one I always use - Free Video Converter. It's free.

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