Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to View PowerPoint on Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD Series?


  • How to View PowerPoint on Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD Series?


Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD Series
Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD have two models in series, Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FS and Sharp Elite PRO-70X5FD. Both have identical specs and according to the manufacturer should provide very similar picture quality.

Key TV features
Display technology LCD
LED backlight Full-array with local dimming
3D technology Active
3D glasses included 2 pair
Screen finish Glossy
Internet connection Built-in wi-fi
Refresh rate(s) 120Hz
Dejudder (smooth) processing Yes
DLNA compliant Photo/Music/Video
USB Photo/Music/Video
Other: Optional 3D glasses (model AN-3DG20-EL, $99); IP Control; Aquos Advantage Live help and remote troubleshooting

Depending on outstanding display screen, you can view powerpoint onSharp Elite PRO-X5FD Series slide by slide. USB ports provide you the way to show images.

Besides, Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD also have HDMI ports. It also allowed to burn powerpoint on dvd/blu-ray disc, and play after conneting TV with dvd/blu-ray player.

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