Monday, July 30, 2012

Watch London 2012 Olympics Live on Xbox


  • How Can I Watch London 2012 Olympics Live on Xbox?
  • Is there any live apps for london 2012 on xbox?


London 2012 Olympic Games is going on from July 27 to August 12. During this important time, people all over the world are focusing on this large sports event. With the development of internet, there will be no longer one way to follow the competition. For Xbox owners, here are two Live APPs for you to watch London 2012 Olympics on Xbox Live. You can also find more Olympics apps on Android devices.

  • XFINITY TV is a live partner of XBOX. If you are an XFINITY® TV and Internet customer, all you need to watch London 2012 Olympics on your Xbox 360 is an Xbox LIVE Gold membership.

    Here are 4 steps to setup:
    1. XFINITY TV with On Demand
    2. XFINITY Internet Service
    3. An Xbox 360 console and Xbox LIVE Gold subscription
    4. XFINITY TV App installed (the XFINITY TV App is available from the Xbox Marketplace)
    5. The primary account holder's Comcast ID or address and password

    Of course, it's not free. There is no additional cost for XFINITY TV on your Xbox 360, but you must be a subscriber to XFINITY TV with On Demand, XFINITY Internet and Xbox LIVE Gold. But it has high quality in live.
  • ESPN on Xbox LIVE
  • ESPN on Xbox LIVE is another APP on Xbox, especially for sports. It's powerful to get your daily Olympics games fix. With it, you will never miss a moment of the action with thousands of live events, highlights and replays in HD, controller-free entertainment with the magic of Kinect, and premium features including split-screen viewing, and the interactive ESPN BottomLine. Follow your favorite teams with streaming news and highlight clips from or view live and replay games from ESPN3. This is the most interactive way to experience sports yet.

    If you want to watch ESPN3 on Xbox, here are some tings you need:
    1. Xbox 360 console
    2. Xbox LIVE profile
    3. Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription
    4. ESPN3 affiliated internet provider
ESPN on Xbox

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