Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Convert Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera Videos to Popular Videos

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LUMIX is well known by the world as Panasonic's brand of digital cameras from 2001. It ranges from pocket point-and-shoot models to digital SLRs. Beginning with compact digital camera DMC-LC5 and DMC-F7, Lumix series has already released multiple digital cameras including DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) and compact ones.

In September 2011, Panasonic showed a 3D Lumix camera prototype. It is said that the 3D camera would have twin 4x zoom lenses with folding optics and optical image stabilization for both video and still images.
panasonic lumix digital cameras
LUMIX cameras come in several colours in some models for young people, such as black, silver, blue, red, and white. Different price level cameras have different sensors. There are many choices for users to choose.

Besides excellent image capture function, LUMIX cameras also can be used to record videos. High-end devices even offer HD video functions, including the AVCHD videos. AVCHD videos are always saved in .mts and .m2ts. Though they are HD videos, their formats are not common in our daily life. You need special players to play them and they are not supported formats of video sharing websites, such as Youtube. To make them spread widely on internet, the best way is converting AVCHD  to popular video formats. Leawo Video Converter makes conversion between video formats, eg. convert .m2ts to avi, .m2ts to mp4, .m2ts to .flv, and .mts to .mov. Sharing recorded videos on websites is no longer a difficult thing. Besides HD videos, other common captured videos are able to convert freely for any reasons with simple video editing function.

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In addition, Panasonic has been an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner for more than 20 Years in the Audio and Visual Equipment Category. For sports fans, it's also another way to keep your memories by saving recorded videos by yourselves.

Have a nice day with Panasonic LUMIX digital cameras!


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