Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Transfer iPod Music to PC


  • How can i transfer music from iPod to computer?
  • What is the best software to transfer iPod music back to a computer?
  • How can you transfer ipod touch music files to computer?
  • How do I transfer music from my ipod to my new itunes on my laptop?
  • How to transfer ipod music to itunes?
  • How do I transfer ipod music to itunes on another computer?


I collected many more or less similar questions on Yahoo Answer. Apple devices are widely used around the world, and the data transfer among devices gets more and more attention by people.

Being protected by copyright, iPod music pieces are not able to be transfered from iPod to PC or other iOS devices. And sometimes, it's inconvenient to make synchronization in iTunes, just for getting music from iPod.

Leawo iTransfer was born to solve these problems and make it easy to transfer data (eg. music, movie, app) from iOS devices to computer. You can finish transfer work fast on its kindly and simple interface.

1. Download Leawo iTransfer and make sure iTunes has been installed on your computer. Leawo iTransfer only runs on Windows systems.
Leawo iTransfer

2. Connect your iPod with PC. Open Leawo iTransfer and your iPod will appear in the left list.
Leawo iTransfer interface

3. Select the taget music in your iPod.
Leawo iTransfer interface

4. Transfer iPod music to PC. Just direct drag-and-drop, or right click, or use the transfer button in the lower right conner to do more setting during transfer. Set the taget device, and taget folder.
Leawo iTransfer interface

Leawo iTransfer interface

Leawo iTransfer can not only transfer music from iPod to computer, but also back up any type files among iOS devices, computer and iTunes without any limitation. The files are stored just like on a flash disk. With it, you can freely transfer any data.

Hope it is helpful!

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